The Team

problem solving – success driven – attentive
EMMANUEL XUEREB – began his Real Estate career as a
native New Yorker until he moved to Los Angeles
to work with the innovative 360 REALTY.
Instrumental in bringing 360 Realty to the forefront
of the Real Estate market, Emmanuel Xuereb has since
developed the Real Estate concept, TEAM X,
with a simple philosophy:
“Do not stop until our properties are sold and our buyers
have found a great home.”
Emmanuel’s TEAM X is continually evolving and flowing
with the market to develop new strategies to isolate
and accomplish its goal – taking care of you. With an
average of two to six property transactions a month,
Emmanuel and TEAM X have become a force in
an industry which has seen a dramatic loss of realtors and
Real Estate offices. At a time when it takes ten times
more work and ingenuity to get the job done, they have
excelled. Team X is the team the company turns to when
there’s a problem. Team X turns problems into success.
THE TEAM X CONCEPT is to be the cutting edge
experts in an ever-changing market and the new highly
effective Internet and Social Network, marketing your
property to sell at the best price possible. With our
professional marketing team of graphic designers,
high quality images, massive open houses, our bi-monthly
Team X News Letter, Team X is able to create a buying
frenzy by gaining maximum exposure to the most qualified
buyers. These are the same sophisticated buyers who
expect a well marketed property to stand out in an ocean of
opportunity, and in a market they are well aware is in their
favor. We make buyers fall in love with your property
allowing them to forget about where the market is, or will be.
Problem solving, success driven, attentive
— You want TEAM X on your side.
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